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  Prof. Roderick Jennings

  University of Greenwich

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Volume 2

Volume 2, Issue 4, 2016


Research on Control Method of Machining Aspheric Surface Based on Numerical Control Interpolation Algorithm

Mingbo Han

College of applied technology, University of Science and Technology Liaoning, Anshan Liaoning, China

Research on Graduation Thesis Evaluation

Sijin Gao, Fuchen Liu, Shu Wang

College of Science, North China University of Science and Technology, Tangshan, Hebei, 063000, China

An Analysis of Influence of Photography on Development of Public Visual Arts

Bochen Zhang

Shandong University of Arts, Jinan 250014, China

A Consideration of Workplace Fun: A Conceptual Inquiry

Xueqin Wang

Business administration, School of Business, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing 210023, China

Design of Harmful Gas Detection System based on Quadcopter

Bin Feng, Qinghui Zhang, Bei Li

College of Information Science and Engineering, Henan University of Technology Embedded Technology Laboratory Zhengzhou, China

WeChat Influence and Countermeasures for the Work of Ideological and Political Education

Na Zhao

Nantong university Xinglin institute

Reform Strategy of Single Chip Microcomputer Principle Course Based on the Training Mode of Applied Talents

Xinghua Lu, Yawan Zhang

Huali College of Guangdong University of Technology, Guangzhou 511325, China

Comparison on Effects of Different Sampling Methods for the Disinfection of Banknote Sterilizing Machine

Yang Xu, Chuansheng Wu

University of Science and Technology Liaoning, Anshan Liaoning


Her Marriage Dilemma—A Comparative & Feminist Study on Post and Beam and The Beautiful River Beach

Tianfang Xie

School of Foreign Languages Studies, Yangtze University


“Belt and Road” Initiative: Reports from Oversea Media and Publicity

Caihong Zhang

School of Foreign Languages, Xi’an University of Science and Technology, Shaanxi 710054, China

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