World Scientific Research Journal (WSRJ)

ISSN: 2472-3703

  Prof. Roderick Jennings

  University of Greenwich

  London, UK



Vol. 4, Iss. 2


Finite Element Analysis on the Boom of Sprayer Trolley Based on Workbench


Lan Song, Tianyi Wang, Yuting Ji


The Analysis and Research of “Sponge Campus” Drainage System Problem——A Case Study of the New Campus of Guangxi Polytechnic of Construction


Chunyi Duan


Simulation of Electro-hydraulic Proportion Hydraulic Leveling System of Asphalt Mortar Vehicle Based on AMESim


Tianyi Wang, Lan Song, Yuting Ji


Analysis of the presentation of Chinese Folk Art in modern art design--And Chinese Folk Art in art industrialization


Mei Li, Yihan Ding


Visualization Analysis of Domestic language processing research measurement Based on CiteSpace III


Qin Xu, Lili Yan


Sign relations of the reflection coefficients between the displacement and the normal stress


Yide Zhang, Wei Liu


Analysis of Elizabeth from the Perspective of Psychanalysis and Semiology


Gao Zeyuan


Optimization the Research on Relationship between the characteristics of top managers and corporate performance---Listed agricultural listing companies


Xiaoya Gao


Computer Stitch Needle Strategy Based 0n Machine Vision


Jinsong Li, Jie Dong, Hongfei Li and Ying wang


Understanding HCI in aesthetic way: a new approach to interaction feature study


Wei Li, Nangongbao Suo, Hong Duo


Design and Analysis of a Series-fed Microstrip Antenna Array for 24GHz Automotive anti-collision Radar


Xiaochuan Zhou, YueYue Liu


Research on Obstacle Avoidance Strategy of Mobile Robot


Yunxiao Sang, Jinsong Li, Tong Zhuang Liu, Jian Song


Research on Fresnel Lens Optical Receiving Antenna in Indoor Visible Light Communication


Zhihua Du


Research and Design of Automatic Loading Robot Automatic Control System


Tong Zhuang Liu, Yunxiao Sang and Jian Song


A Schottky Diode Driven Frequency Doubler at X-band for K-band Vehicle Radar Applications


Xin Lin


Predictive Analysis of Flutter Stability of Regenerative Cutting Chatter on Machine Tools


Jishuang Tian, Qi Zhao and Bole Ma


Research on How FDI Spillovers Effect Technology Contents of Manufacturing Exports-Firm-level Evidence from Listed Manufacturing Companies of China


Xue Zhang, Jiajing Jia, and Yi Ren


Direct interpolation of Bezier curves by DDA method


Jian Song, Tongzhuang Liu, YunXiao Song and JinXiao Cao


Design and Implementation of Stepper Motor Control System


Xianwen Hu, Jingwen Liu, Daobing Liu


Enlightenment of Combination of Knowledge and Practice on Network Moral Education in Institutions of Higher Learning in the New Media Era


Bo Xiao


New Traits of Youth Issues in the Internet Age


Xia Xiao


Research on the impact of Internet finance on the performance of commercial Banks


Xiaoya Gao


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