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Exploring the Green Economy Development of Industrial Enterprises in the Context of Carbon Neutrality

-- Taking Bengbu as an Example


Yue Li

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0001

Forest Carbon Storage Analysis and Comprehensive Forest Value Decision Model


Sifan Li, Yang Guo, Rizheng Zhang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0002

ESG Investment in China: Current Situation and Future Prospects


Hui Li, Deyu Li

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0003

Research on Computer Technology and Enterprise Financial Management under the Background of Big Data


Qian Yao

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0004

Research on Eddy Current Testing Technology of Bimetallic Composite Pipes


Yang Wang, Yue Gao, Lan Tang, Tao Ren, Yujia Li, Wenrui Zhang, Yaowei Qi

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0005

The Identification of Poverty-returning Risk in Contiguous Poverty-stricken Areas of China


Qinghu Liao, Lu Liu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0006

A Multimodal Fake Information Detection Method Incorporating Social Attribute Features


Lulan Zuo, Weiguo Wang and Zhiyong Zhang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0007

Research on the Status Quo of Gyroscopic Sports in Hechi Campus


Bo Yang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0008

Integration of Footwear Specialty Plantar Pressure Technology into Traditional Teaching Model


Heng Zhang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0009

Urticaria: Pathogenesis and Treatment Progress


Wei Jiang, Xueyong Wang, Nan Li, Shan Li and Zhiguo Xu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0010

Sentiment Analysis of User Comments on COVID-19 Based on LSTM


Yi Yang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0011

Carbon Fiber Cloth Reinforced Steel Tube Concrete Composite Structure


Songbiao Li

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0012

Institutional Causes, Practical Difficulties and Mitigation Strategies of the Mismatch between Urban and Rural Financial Resources


Huachao Zha, Chenchen Zhang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0013

IL-6 Reversing Degenerative Properties of Nucleus Pulposus Cells through Dedifferentiation


Mingqian Guo, Lek Hang Cheang and Jiaqing Zhang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0014

Research Instructor Service Quality: An Important Guarantee for The Satisfaction of Participants in Research Activities


Songting Zhang, Huilin Zhang, Yichao Wu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0015

Research on Microbial-Plant Combined Remediation Technology of Petroleum Contaminated Soil


Weiwei Chen, Yingtian Xiao

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0016

Design of ABB Robot Teleoperation System Based on LoRa Technology


Chao Ma, Wenyong Tian, Wei Lv, Baihui Li

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0017

Rapid Determination of Ozone by Gas-Liquid Chemiluminescence


Yangrun Feng, Dong Yuan

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0018

Research on the Theoretical Framework Construction and Promotion Path of University Teachers' Leadership under the Background of Digital Technology


Wen Li

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0019

Triple La Niña Event Prediction and Loss Evaluation Strategies Based on LOGISTIC and TOPSIS Models


Yufan Yang, Keying Qian

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0020

The Lack of College Students' Sports Spirit and The Responsibility of Public Physical Education Teachers


Yi Yang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0021

Harmonic Fractional Detection Based on The LMS Algorithm


Jianjun Sun

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0022

Study on the Special Representative Litigation System of Securities Disputes in China


Chunyu Ren, Haisu Jin, Shijie Wang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0023

The Impact of Slow Traffic Environment on Residents' Travel Behavior: A Case Study of Xi'an


Yufeng Feng, Xingxing Guo

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0024

An Intelligent Grasping Platform Based on Point Clouds


Zijie Zhang, Jing Zeng

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0025

Public Transport Priority Method in The Environment of Internet of Vehicles


Feijie Duan

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0026

Research on the Temporal and Spatial Coupling of China's Logistics Development, New Urbanization and Economic Growth


Shengzhu Li, Shiyu Xiao

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0027

Summary of Related Issues of Cluster Urban Roads

-- Taking Chongqing As an Example


Xin Che

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0028

Effect of Hf doping on Structural, Surface Morphology, And Optical Properties of CdS: Hf Thin Films Deposited by RF Magnetron Sputtering


Wei Zou, Yong Cheng, Qingyun Chen, Xinyu Li

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0029

Progress in The Mechanism of Focal Adhesion Kinase in Leukemia


Yuling Kan

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0030

Migration Characteristics of Leaching Solution in Uranium Formation with CO2+O2 In-situ Leaching: A Case from Coal-Uranium Co-mining Ore in Ordos Basin, China


Xin Yang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0031

Generalized Fuzzy DEA/AR Model Based on Monte Carlo Simulation and Its Application


Qinghu Liao, Xiangyu Yu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0032

Research on Coordination Contract of Three-Level Logistics Service Supply Chain under Competitive Environment


Kunyu Luo

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.202304_9(4).0033

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