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On Urbanization Development Pattern and Determinants in Western China


Zhenjie Liu, Yue Chen

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0001

Research on Mixed Teaching Design of Information Retrieval Course under the Background of "Internet +"


Xiaogang Chen, Ziyuan Shu, Hui Lin

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0002

The Research on the Monetary Integration of China and ASEAN: From the Perspective of Economic Shock Symmetry


Fengshu Chen

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0003

Research on the Distribution of Benefits between the Owners and Brokers Based on Principal-Agent Theory


Ming Sun, Hailun Jiang, Shiyuan Zheng, Wenbin Zhang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0004

Solution Analysis and Administrative Application of Prisoner's Dilemma Based on Judgement Game Theory


Yu Wang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0005

Policy Transmission Mechanism and Effects Analysis of China's Standing Lending Facility


Yuexin Yao

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0006

Research on Training Model of Innovative Practical Talents Based on Intelligent Technology


Weihua Niu, Peng Zhao

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0007

Problems and Countermeasures in the Process of RMB Internationalization


Mengting Guo

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0008

Design of Simulated Dot Matrix Moving Character Display Based on LabVIEW


Li Su

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0009

Research on Power Management of Ship Power System


Wei Zhang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0010

Research on Credit Risk Management of China's Commercial Banks


Tenglin Zhang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0011

An Improved NSGA-II Algorithm Based on Novel Rank and Crowded Comparison Selection Operator


Qi Zhao, Hanning Chen

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0012

Enterprise Property Rights, Manager Background Characteristics and Cost Stickiness: An Empirical Study Based on Manufacturing Listed Companies


Menglan Shu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0013

Processing Method of Geological Data in Contour Map based on Surfer


Lianwu Chen, Fei Niu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0014

The Influencing Factors of Reading Ability and Its Test Types


Yi Huang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0015

Design and Research of Multifunctional Box Device for Packaging Inflammable and Fragile Materials


Lizhen Liu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0016

On the Evaluation of Private Investment Efficiency in Anhui Province Based on DEA Model


Zejiong Zhou, Zhuoya Ye

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0017

Research on Personal Credit Evaluation Based on Multi-model Combination


Qun Ma, Kunlun Li and Jiahui Hu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0018

The Number Theory behind the Beauty of Apollonian Circles


Ziyue Cai

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0019

Design of Parameter Testing System of Secondary Dc Power Supply based on ARM


Yaya Wang, Juanjuan Wang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0020

Wine Classification Method Based on One-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Network


Leilei Chen, Jie Yang, Linlin Chen, Qiupu Wu and Xingzhong Xiong

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0021

Research on Unsupervised Coloring Method of Chinese Painting Based on an Improved Generative Adversarial Network


Wenjie Jiang, Xiaoshu Luo

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0022

Design Intelligent Wheelchair of Triangle Wheel and Crawler Composite Touch Screen


Longqing Zhang, Xinwei Zhang, Yanghong Zhang, Zhongning Jia and Yungui Chen

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0023

Research on the Reform and Innovation of College English Teaching under the Background of New Media


Xue Li

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0024

Integration of Financial Accounting and Management Accounting


Ting Wang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0025

Quantitative Determination of Total Alkaloids in Piper Longum with Acid Dye Colorimetry


Jiaqiang Yang, Hongyan Peng

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0026

Analysis on the Changes and Regional Differences of Edible Vegetable Oil Consumption in Chinese Residents


Songbo Yu, Ting Liu

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0027

Development of the Management and Service System of the Occupation Education Grouping


Jiongning Sun, Yong Chen

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0028

The Research on the Standardization of Bilingual Signs in Public Service Areas from the Perspective of Skopostheorie

-- A Case Study of English Translation of Scenic Areas and Spots in Zhangjiajie


Jingjing Zhao, Ling Zou

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0029

Therapeutic Effect of Ultrasound-Guided Intra-Articular Injection for the Treatment of Frozen Shoulder


Guoxiang Sun, Xinbin He, Ming Li, Lifeng Zheng, Liming Zhou, Qizhi He, Jiandong Yang

DOI: 10.6911/WSRJ.201911_5(11).0030

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